Kolleviks Campgrounds

Campsites - Kolleviks Camping in Karlshamn

Nothing beats a successful camping holiday! Regardless of whether you want to camp, caravan camp or come with a motorhome, there is plenty of space for children and adults to socialize, play, relax and experience new adventures.

The camping sites for caravans and motorhomes are between 80 and 150 m². Length approx. 10 meters and all plots have electrical outlets. The places are located in a fantastic nature and with the Blekinge archipelago as a neighbor. Here you can swim from rocks or sandy beach. Close to Vägga marina with a range of restaurants with full rights.

Check-in: from 15.00
Check-out: no later than 11.00


Daily prices campsites 2022

Plats Lågsäsong* Mellansäsong Högsäsong
Blue spot excl. El
230 kr
260 kr
315 kr
Yellow place incl. el
290 kr
325 kr
375 kr
Tent, car*
215 kr
245 kr
300 kr
Tent, bike/MC*
205 kr
230 kr
275 kr


14/4 – 28/4 | 11/9 – 18/9


28/4 - 6/6 | 14/8 - 11/9 

Peak season:

6/6 - 14/8

Season prices campsites 2022

Plats Lågsäsong Eftersäsong Helsäsong
Camping lot**
6 050 kr
4,800 kr
13,900 kr


14/4 – 19/6


1/8 – 18/9

Full season:

14/4 - 18/9

Major holidays Campsites 2022 (incl. Electricity)

Plats Påskhelgen 14/4 – 18/4 Midsommar 23/6 – 26/6
Spot with electricity
1,350 kr
1,500 kr

Other information

* Refers to a maximum of 4 people / tent. Supplement SEK 50 / person and day.
** Season prices. Pre- and post-season incl. el. High season excl. El.
**** Week 29. Campsite SEK 420 / day.
No smoking applies in all rooms and premises.
For advance booking, a booking fee of SEK 100 / booking is always added. Cancellation protection can
purchased for SEK 300 / per unit.

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Camping spots

Nothing goes against a successful camping holiday! Whether you want to camp, rent a caravan or rent a car, there is plenty of room for children and adults to hang out, play, relax and experience new adventures.


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