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We are proud to offer you campsites that are both peaceful and calm, providing you with an escape from modern city life and a chance to reconnect with nature.

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Utsikt över sjö i Halen

Camp embraced by the beautiful nature of Blekinge

Our campsites are located in some of the most beautiful places in Sweden, surrounded by embracing views and stunning nature. With plenty of recreational activities nearby, from fishing and swimming to canoeing and hiking in Blekinge's beautiful forests, our campsites offer something for everyone. Visit our campsites and explore everything Blekinge has to offer.

Naturbild på sjö i Halen
By the lake and forest

Camping in Halen

You can find Halens Camping at the shore of Halen Lake, located in Northwestern Blekinge. Halen is one of the most beautiful lakes in southern Sweden with plenty of unique natural areas around it. Every year, campers flock to Halens Camping to experience the beautiful surroundings of Halen for themselves.

Naturbild på sjö i Kollevik
By the coast and archipelago

Camping in Kollevik

Kolleviks Camping is a holiday paradise in the middle of Blekinge right by its beautiful archipelago and coast. Camp with us and start the day by waking up to the sunrise over the Blekinge Archipelago. You will find Kolleviks Camping 3 km southeast of Karlshamn - both close to nature and close to the city.

Bakgrundsbild och närbild på vågor