My Camping Philosophy

At My Camping, we believe in providing our guests with the best possible vacation experience. We strive to make every stay as comfortable and rewarding as possible. We are proud to see campers return every season and call it "My Camping".

Flygbild på Halen i blekinge

Camping Experience

We understand that camping is not just about sleeping in a tent or a motorhome - it's about discovering nature and enjoying quality time with family and friends. With our camping sites located near Blekinge's beautiful nature, you don't have to go far to have a memorable experience with beautiful views of forests, lakes, and archipelagos.

Our Campsites

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Meet the Team

CEO/Site manager Kolleviks Camping

Joachim Dahlgren E-posta »

Platschef Tredenborgs Camping

Marcus Dahlgren E-posta »

Platschef Halens Camping Marknadsansvarig My Camping

Caroline Dahlgren E-posta »


Lotta Dahlgren E-posta »

Operations manager Halen/Kollevik/Tredenborg

Michael Dahlgren E-posta »

Receptionen Halen
Halens Camping

The reception Halen E-posta » 0454-402 30

Receptionen Kollevik
Kolleviks Camping

The reception Kollevik E-posta » 0454-192 80

säsongscamping Tredenborgs Camping
Tredenborgs Camping

The reception Tredenborg E-posta » 0456-121 50