Rules at our campsites


Submit your arrival always at the reception. In connection with the checkin you get information on the location of the property and the respective rules. These instructions should always be followed.

Be presented at the check-in you must have a Camping Key Europe (not valid for booking a cabin or room). Otherwise, you can activated your old card, or you can buy a new card at the reception.

Speak directly with the manager about your needs or wishes.

For groups , the application should be made by the group leader.


Caravan / camper should be registered as motorized vehicle. Camping units such as caravan / car with or without tent must be placed at least 4 meters from other camping units away.


Dogs and cats owners are asked to show the greatest possible consideration for other guests. Dogs and cats must be on a leash / harness and are kept to run outside of the campsite. Dogs and cats are prohibited on swimming area / beach .

General rules

Respect other people’s wishes.

Motor vehicle traffic on the camping is permitted only between 7.00am to 11.00pm.

For vehicles of visitors are designated parking spaces available.

Only one car / vehicle per space or Stuga .

It is forbidden to charge electric cars at the campsite or cabin.

Please go gently with buildings, facilities and other areas at the campsite.

Own static facilities for tent / caravan / motorhome , such as wooden deck or fence around the tent / caravan / motorhome , is not permitted without the consent of the manager . In doubt – please ask first if the project is possible.

Radio and musical instruments should be used with considerate. Please respect the comfortable silence on the day and the night. Rest from 11.00pm to 07.00am.

Ball games are not allowed nearby the tents / caravans / mobile homes and other buildings football exclusively on the designated space. Please pay attention to your children.

Washing the car, caravan or motorhome is not allowed on the campsite.

Trading on the grounds of the camp only with the permission of the manager.


Waste has to be sorted according to the applicable regulations of the campsite. Use the designated containers. Other wastes must be disposed of on the grounds of the recycling center. Please use for washing clothes and for accumulated waste water that sanitation.

Don´t clean up the coffee maker, cooking utensils , etc. at the water taps for drinking water outside of the service building. Wastewater is stored in sealed containers and should only be emptied in the service building . Fixed tanks must be drained on the long side of the service building.


Management or employees are not responsible for any damage to or loss of property of the campers. For damage to buildings, materials or other items, the guest may be liable under applicable law.


On departure, all used areas/cabins or rooms must be vacated and cleaned before 11.00 am on the day of departure.

Please respect the nature

Open fire on the ground is prohibited. Be considerate to our nature. The leave of any kind waste such as paper, bottles, cans are prohibited by the applicable conservation law. Violators will be prosecuted. A good camper is always also friend of the nature! Those who do not abide by the instructions can be referenced from within the campsite.

Anyone who does not follow all the instructions given can be expelled from the area.