Booking terms and conditions


Our Campsites are members of SCR Svensk Camping here you need a Camping Key Europe or a Camping ID when you check in and stays with us. Camping Key Europe is a premium card that cost SEK 199 per year and has a number of discounts that SCR Svensk Camping regularly contracts. Camping ID is free, but without discounts and insurance. If you do not have Camping Key Europe or Camping ID you can buy this when you check-in.

When booking

When booking, a booking confirmation is issued which is sent to the guest by mail or email, within 5 working days. If you have not received a booking confirmation/invoice from us, this must be notified to the campsite. In order for the booking to be valid, it is required that the registration fee as well as the booking fee and any cancellation protection is paid not later than 14 days after the booking has been made. The registration fee is 30% of the total amount. Before the 45 days prior to arrival, the final payment must be paid for the entire booking. Booking later than 45 days before arrival must be paid in full immediately upon booking. Booking fee is charged with 100 SEK.


Cancellation cover can be obtained for a fee of 300 SEK/object for booking of cottages, rooms and camping that covers more than two nights. If the item is canceled with cancellation protection more than 15 days before arrival, the full amount will. 14-1 days before arrival in connection with acute illness or accident which can be confirmed by medical certificate, the full amount is refunded. The cancellation cover is valid until 18:00 the day before arrival. No cancellation protection does not apply to a refund.

Check-in times

The check-in time at the campsite for camping site, cabin or room is not earlier than 15.00 day of arrival. The check-out time for camping site, cabin or room is at noon. Check-out time is 11.00. In case of delayed check-out, the campsite is entitled to charge an additional daily fee.


The rules of procedure adopted by the Nordic camping organizations are applied at the campsite. Locally, there are also some additional provisions regarding placement of unit on land, car parking, electric cabling, drainage tanks and more based on the authority's order. Violation of the rules of procedure means that the guest can be rejected from the place.


The guest takes care of the protection they deem necessary such as liability, accident and luggage insurance. For checked-in guests with valid Camping Key Europe, special insurance applies on site accidents.


For camping pitches, payment in arrears is applied upon direct check-in without prior booking. However, upon request, the guest is required to pay fee and rent in advance. For cottages, rooms etc., payment in advance is required.

Campsite responsibilities

The campsite is responsible for any damage caused to the guest through proven negligence by the campsite host or by this staff member in the context of their service obligations. The campsite is not responsible for any damage suffered by a guest from outside or another guest. Nor for any damage that was beyond the control of the campsite.


Only one car per checked-in place or cabin is allowed. Extra cars are referred to the car park outside the camping area.

We protect your personal data (GDPR)

We have a legal obligation to collect your personal information in order to make a booking. According to the Accounting Act, we are obliged to save your information for seven years. Our Campsites have an extensive privacy policy on how we process and protect your personal information.


When the registration fee is paid or the customer checked in, the booking rules above are approved.